Keyhole Fender

JIER Keyhole Fenders

JIER Keyhole Fender

Keyhole Fender is made of high abrasion resistance rubber. They are specially designed for tugboats and workboats.

Keyhole Fender is characterized by the keyhole shaped opening on the inside. It has typical profile and load absorbing capabilities. The cross section construction makes it very tough.

Keyhole Fenders are very easy to install and maintain. The two mounting holes facilitate easy and accurate installation. They can be supplied cut and angled to suit the vessel hull. Be produced with curves around the hull is also available. As with other extruded fenders Keyhole Fenders can be offered with an UHMW-PE Facing Pad. The simplicity of installation make this type of fender a highly economical solution.

The Keyhole Fenders are normally installed using the bolt on method. They are available in 100H to 400H and length as per customer requirement. (Custom Made Rubber Fenders)


⇒ Highly resistant to degradation, UV radiation.
⇒ Reliable protection for the bow of a vessel.
⇒ Heavy duty construction.
⇒ Very easy to install and replace.
⇒ Available in a wild range of sizes.



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Keyhole Specification

JKH Keyhole Fender Dimensions Table
Size A B C e F Lmax Weight
JKH250 250 250 50 100 125 2000 58
JKH300 300 300 60 123 150 2000 86
JKH350 350 350 70 140 175 2000 122
JKH Keyhole Fender Dimensions Table
Size A B C D d Lmax Weight
JKH250 250 250 150 50 25 2000 58
JKH300 300 300 184 60 30 2000 86
JKH350 350 350 210 70 36 2000 122
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