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Rubber Ladders are very robust. They are flexible to reduce accidental damage and help protect the wharf from small craft berthing. The Modular Rubber Ladders are corrosion resistant. They can withstand most accidental impacts from smaller vessels.

Rubber Ladder Fenders come in two configurations. One is be produced in stainless steel. The other one is molded rubber. And they are very easily fitted to steel and concrete structures.

Available in a wild range of lengths, rubber ladders can also be fitted with a rubber encased chain extension to suit overhanging structures.

JIER Rubber Ladders installation alongside the dock

JIER Rubber Ladders

⇒ It has the functions of both a fender as well as a ladder.
⇒ Tough, durable, weather-resistant. High corrosion resistance.
⇒ Absorb considerable contact from vessels without damage.
⇒ Large contact area, low surface pressure.
⇒ Easy to install.
⇒ Easily to be replaced by each other.
⇒ Very low maintenance.


⇒ Small wharf and quay.
⇒ Small boats.
⇒ Offshore platform.


Arch Type Rubber Ladders Fender, a customized model of rubber fendersArch Type Rubber Ladders Fender is also avaiable (Custom Made Rubber Fenders). General sizes are from H250mm to H400mm. Please contact us to get the brochure and more info about this type fender.


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