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September 5, 2016

Marine Buoys Fenders

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Marine Buoys Fenders

Mooring Buoys – The function of a mooring buoy is to support the mooring chain and to serve as the marker for a specific mooring. Mooring buoys are available in several designs. The two most popular types are the traditional mooring buoy and the center tube style buoy.

The traditional mooring buoy features a hard shell exterior filled with closed-cell foam for flotation. The two halves of the buoy are held together with galvanized steel rods and rings. The mooring chain and pendant (pennant) are attached to the bottom shackle ring only. Nothing is attached to the top ring as this ring is only to be used to retrieve the mooring ball with a boat hook for service.

Mooring buoys JIER

The center tube mooring buoy also features a hard shell exterior filled with closed-cell foam for flotation. This center tube style mooring ball is designed so that the mooring chain passes completely through the tube and connects to a heavy duty top shackle. This style of buoy typically will have a heavy duty galvanized steel collar inserted into the top of the buoy. This collar protects the buoy from anchor chain wear. The advantage of the center tube buoy design is that all components subject to wear are easily visible for inspection.

Marine Buoys and Fenders JIER

A properly designed mooring system will secure a boat so that it can be left safely unattended for days at a time. A mooring system typically features a mooring buoy (to float the chain), a mooring anchor and a length of chain (running between the anchor and the mooring buoy). Suitable, heavy duty shackles and swivels would complete the ground tackle assembly.

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Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys
Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys are constructed by laminating resilient polyethylene foam around a central steel member with a number of internal load distribution plates, together with large gussets welded in position.
General Surface Support Buoys
General Surface Support Buoys are manufactured from a polyethylene thermo-laminated foam core encapsulated within a self-colored polyurethane outer skin.


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