JIER Arch Fenders Protecting in Malaysia JIER Arch Fenders are very strong and hard wearing and also have excellent shear performance. The following pictures display the installation of our arch fenders which have been installed in Malaysia. Our Arch Fenders come in two types. One is a single-piece rubber unit, and the other one is.. read more →

02 Aug 2016
August 2, 2016

Calculating Berthing Energy 2.c)

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Calculating Berthing Energy 2.c) C) Eccentricity- Ce Usually the ship is not parallel to the pier face during berthing. As a result, not all of the Kinetic Energy will be transmitted to the fenders. At impact, the ship will start to rotate around the contact point thus dissipating part of its energy. The following graph.. read more →

JIER Cone Fenders Installed in Split Port, Croatia In late April, JIER JCO600H Super Cone Fenders were delivered to Croatia. ♦ JIER Delivers Super Cone Marine Fenders to the World Now they have been completely and successfully installed in Split Port. Click below to learn more about JIER Super Cone Fenders: [top] read more →

JIER Delivers Arch Marine Fenders to the World  As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced marine fender systems, We JIER have been very busy in designing and manufacturing advanced rubber fenders with high quality to various locations around the world. Four separate orders of JIER Arch Type Fenders have been undertaken and delivered.. read more →

JZD Roller Fenders Selected By Brazil Customer We JIER offer roller type fenders for the use of corner dock protection and water way guidance. Roller Fenders are commonly used on the berth corners and dock entrances, also widely installed along the walls of dry docks and other restricted channels to help guide vessels and prevent.. read more →