JIER Cylindrical Fenders Installation

Cylindrical Fenders have protected ships for more years than any other fender type. They are simple and versatile as well as being easy to install. Their progressive reaction makes them ideal for berths serving large and small vessels.

There are three typical fixing arrangements of Cylindrical Fenders Installation:

  • Small cylindricals (≤Ø600mm) are often suspended from chains connected to brackets or U-anchors on the quay wall.

Small Cylindricals Installation

  • Large cylindricals (Ø900–Ø1600mm) often use a central support bar connected at each end to chains which go back to brackets or U-anchors on the quay wall.

Large Cylindricals Installation

  • Very large cylindricals (≥Ø1600mm) may require special ladder brackets due to their weight. These are specially designed for each application.

Very Large Cylindricals Installation

JIER Cylindrical Fenders Newly Installed on Split Port

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Cylindrical Fender
Cylindrical Fenders are simple to install and operate which makes these units an economical solution for remote locations and for multi user berths...


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