Foam Filled Fenders have most advantages of heavy duty and free maintenance. It is advanced for the “soft bounce” and becoming the best choice as bumpers for platform and docks. They can also be equipped for salvage tugs and oil platforms especially in heavy and fierce environments.  

The closed cell aspect of the energy absorbing foam allows the fender to be fully functional even if the skin has been accidentally punctured. In comparison to equally sized pneumatic fenders Foam-Filled Fenders absorb up to 40% more energy. The energy dissipation of the foam core construction allows for a gentler recover after compression.

Cyclic Compression Test of JIER Foam Filled Fenders

JIER Foam Filled Fenders Compress Test


JIER Foam Filled Fenders Compress Test 2


JIER Foam Filled Fenders Compress Test 1

Compress the fender along its diameter between two parallel flat plate surfaces to a compressed dimension of 40% of its original diameter. Repeat the compression and release cyclic loadings for a minimum of 10 full cycles of compression. Permanent deformation, cracking, or tearing of the fender skin, fender core, or end fittings shall constitute failure of the test.

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Foam Filled Fender
Foam Filled Fenders are versatile, robust and suitable for almost all applications. The manufacturing process allows for virtually any size of fender to be...

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