Foam Filled Fenders have most advantages of heavy duty and free maintenance. It is advanced for the “soft bounce” and becoming the best choice as bumpers for platform and docks. They can also be equipped for salvage tugs and oil platforms especially in heavy and fierce environments.   The closed cell aspect of the energy absorbing.. read more →

14 May 2015
May 14, 2015

Inspection of Foam Filled Fenders

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The followings are some basic instructions of the regular inspection of foam filled fenders. 1. Inspect condition of the fender-to-pier connection hardware. Check for operability and signs of corrosion. Check to ensure that the fender is constrained horizontally so that it contacts the bearing surface for its full length. Ensure that the fender is free.. read more →

Fenders used in STS transfer operations are divided into two categories: • Primary fenders, which are positioned along the parallel body of the ship to afford the maximum protection while alongside. They are also designed to absorb energy as the vessels berth alongside. • Secondary fenders which are used to protect the bow and stern.. read more →