13 May 2016
May 13, 2016

JCO1000H Cone Fender Testing

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JCO1000H Cone Fender Testing

Last month in JIER Rubber Fender Factory, we successfully completed and passed the testing of 40 units JCO1000H Cone Fenders, ordered by one of our valued customers from Cyprus, under the third party witnessing from BV, using full size fenders in accordance with the PIANC 2002 guidelines. One representative of customer was assigned to participate and inspect entirely as well.

Upon customer’s request, every single piece of all 40 units of the order has been through the compression test individually. The testing process has lasted for 10 days, 4 pieces per day. All fender units have a unique serial number which can be traced back to manufacturing and testing records. Fenders are tested under direct compression using the Constant Velocity (CV) method. Axial compression test speed is 2 cm/min ± 8cm/min. The temperature is stabilized to 23℃±5℃.

Calibration Certificates of Testing Equipment

Calibration certificates

Dimensions Check

Dimension Check

Tensile Test / OZONE Resistance Test / Abrasion Resistance

Quality Test

Compression Test

Compression Test

We JIER possess the most advanced marine fender testing equipment in the industry. From full size compression testing of large rubber fenders, to small scale model testing and cyclic/ durability testing, JIER strives to provide its customers with the best testing capability in the industry.


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