JIER Delivers Super Cone Marine Fenders to the World

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced marine fender systems, We JIER have been very busy in designing and manufacturing advanced rubber fenders with high quality to various locations around the world.

Two separate orders of JIER Super Cone Fenders have been undertaken and delivered to the following ports of the world by JIER at the beginning of this year:

  • JIER JCO1000H Super Cone Fenders delivered to Cyprus.

  • JIER JCO600H Super Cone Fenders delivered to Croatia.

Super Cone Type Fenders are the latest generation of cone fenders, with optimal performance and efficiency. The conical body shape makes the Super Cone Fender very stable even at large compression angles, and provides excellent shear strength. With overload stops the JCO is even more resistant to over-compression. If you have a requirement for Super Cone Type Fenders Applications, feel free to contact us to discuss the most suitable size and applicable design for your project.

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Cone Fender
All Cone Fenders are single piece mouldings so they are robust, long lasting and easy to install. UHMW-PE faced steel frontal frames are generally used...


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