02 Feb 2015
February 2, 2015

Leg Fenders Project of Netherland

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JIER have supplied Leg Fenders (Unit Element Type Fenders) to a new project in Netherland.

Leg Fenders which are also called Unit Element Fenders provide a compact solution for the mounting of rubber fenders in areas with limited space. These Leg Fender Systems are including pair(s) Leg Fenders with Steel Panels and UHMW PE Facing Pads. Installation pictures of the project are coming soon.

Leg Fenders Project of Netherland 2
Leg Fenders Project of Netherland 1

These fenders are high performance units which are extremely compact and versatile. A small footprint makes Leg rubber fenders perfect where fixing area is restricted. Leg Fenders can be assembled with many methods, vertical or horizontal mounting of units ensures optimum energy and low reaction. These systems are widely used for where larger vessels berth – including Container Quays, Tanker Terminals, Bulk Cargo and RoRo berths. The versatility of Leg rubber fenders makes them suitable for almost all applications.

Unit Element Fender
Unit Element Fenders are a high performance, modular system. Element Fenders can be combined in unlimited permutations of length, orientation and Energy...



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