New Project of JSC Super Cell Fenders in Sri Lanka

Super Cell Fenders have a very long track record and remain popular because of their simplicity, high performance and strength. They can support a lot of static weight. But there must be enough space around and between the cell fenders and the steel panel to allow them to deflect without interference.

JIER won a new project in Sri Lanka manufacturing JSC Super Cell Fender Systems which have been already well produced and ready for delivery.

JIER FENDER, super cell fender, Sri Lanka Project

JSC Super Cell Type Rubber Fenders


JIER Super Cell Fenders for Sri Lanka Project, Well Packed, Ready to deliver

JSC Super Cell Fenders


JIER Super Cell Fender, Sri Lanka Project

JSC Super Cell Rubber Fenders


JIER Super Cell Fender 3

JSC Super Cell Fenders



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