19 Jan 2015
January 19, 2015

Arch Rubber Fenders for Greece Project

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Here are some pictures of JIER Arch Rubber Fenders which are designed and manufactured for one of our biggest projects in Greece. The model and size of these arch rubber fenders are JDA-1000H.






In recent years, arch rubber fender is becoming one of the most popular models of rubber fenders in our clients. They are tough and reliable, simple and long lasting. Most of all, arch rubber fenders are easy and fast to install, either vertically or horizontally with long lasting and low maintenance protection. Due to that they are wildly delivered to and installed on piers, quays, wharfs, ports of many countries all over the world, such like Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Netherland, UK, and Switzerland etc.

For more information, please contact us via jierfender@gmail.com.

Arch Fender
JIER manufactures two types Arch Fenders, JDA-A and JDA-B. The JDA-A fender has a rubber contact face ideal for all general purpose applications...



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