Port of Valdivia choose JIER JDA500H Arch Rubber Fenders for Safe Berthing

Port of Valdivia is an old port located in south-central Chile near the Pacific Ocean. Recently, the authorization of Port of Valdivia chooses JIER JDA500H Arch Type Fenders to protect one of its terminal from berthing impact and damage. The following are some installation pictures on the scene.

Usually fendering system should be fixed on flat surface. Then how to install a fender system below deck level without connecting to the jetty piles is a challenge in this project that need to be overcome. What we suggest is using a hanging support steel frame which only connects to the front edge and underside of the deck structure.

The installation work of JIER Arch Type Rubber Fenders is very easy and so as its maintenance and replacement work. In the mentioned project, these Arch Fenders are installed by using of vertical scheme, beside of which clients can also choose horizontal and diagonal installation schemes. These Arch Type Fenders are generally suitable for small to medium size vessels’ berthing. Choices of contact surface including rubber (the same with the mentioned project), UHMW-PE facing pads, and steel structure backed UHMW-PE facing pads, to suit different application requirements. And also the color of UHMW-PE facing pads is up to clients’ demands. Blue, green, yellow and black are the four most popular choices by clients.

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Arch Fender
JIER manufactures two types Arch Fenders, JDA-A and JDA-B. The JDA-A fender has a rubber contact face ideal for all general purpose applications...

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